Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ici est un TAG

Well hey there, bloggy blog. I have thought about you. I really have. I've even missed you. Let's be friends again, okay?
Favorite Band/Artist: Teitur.
Favorite Music Video:I adore Teitur's Louis Louis.

Favorite Movie: Becoming Jane
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Favorite Designer/Label: Alexander Wang.
Favorite Festival: I don't have one. I'd love to go to the Bluegrass Festival in Brown County Indiana for giggles and a good time.
Favorite TV-Show: Gilmore Girls.
Favorite Person/Icon:
This is a tough one. I suppose I look up to JK Rowling quite a lot.
Favorite City/Country: New Orleans. Specifically the French Quarter. I am in love with summer in that place. And the beignets!
Favorite Moment Ever: This is quite a tough question. I think my favorite moment ever is one night when I was at my camp. My cabin and I laid out on the asphalt, which was still hot from the sun that day, after everyone had gone to bed. We just sat there and looked at the stars. I laid there and held hands with my best friend and I just felt so infinite. It was lovely.

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