Sunday, August 30, 2009

AP Courses and Messy Rooms

Hello to you! I have never been one for blogging, but I decided that I ought to give it a try.  I never had a livejournal, but I did have a Xanga. I really liked Xanga. It was the cool thing to do. Then it got boring and slightly creepy, so I stopped. I also have a Wordpress but I am just not a big fan. People seem to highly enjoy Blogger, so I thought I'd try it. Hello, Blogger. I hope we can be friends. Maybe even BFFs! We shall see how this goes.

So I am in two AP courses: AP American History and AP English Literature. I am enjoying them both, particularly English, but I have a large workload this weekend. I have to interview someone of my parents' generation and someone of my grandparents' generation. I think I'm going to interview my mother, but I'm not sure who else to interview. I think it will be an interesting project. We're interviewing them about the American Dream. It should be really fascinating. I'm looking forward to hearing what my mother has to say. These classes are also interesting right now because we are reading things that some of my ancestors wrote. We just read a piece my William Bradford. My goodness is he boring! Silly relative. Ha.
I am not a clean person. I am a messily organized person. No matter how hard I try, especially during the school year, my room turns to ruin. It always ends up being covered in 1) clothing and 2) paper. Mostly clothing. I just hate hanging things up! It is such a pain in the arse and takes forever. Also, I have plenty of homework to do. It seems so pointless to hang things up when I have actual productive things to do. Any sort of cleaning to me does not feel productive. It feels like I am doing something for absolutely no purpose. I actually love having a clean room. It's decent right now. One can see most of the floor, desk, and all of the bed. It's pretty good for me, but my mother hates it. I really don't think it will ever stay perfectly clean. Sorry, Mom. Love you!

I have been inspired by Miss Hayley Hoover!
Sexy: Boys who are clean. Clean shaven, clean smelling, and clean looking. Yes sir.
Unsexy: Grease. In any form.